Laugh Out Loud

Life is better when we are laughing 🙂



There I was, an empty piece of a shell,
Just minding my own world;
Without even knowin’ what love and life were all about
Then you came,
You brought me out of the shell;
You gave the world to me
And before I knew, there I was so in love with you

You gave me a reason for my being
And I love what I’m feelin’
You gave me a meaning to my life
Yes, I’ve gone beyond existing
And it all began when I met you

I love the touch of your hair
And when I look in your eyes
I just know, I know I’m on to something good
And I’m sure, my love for you will endure
Your love will light up my world;
And take all my cares away
With the aching part of me

And it all began when I met you
When I met you.


Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama (J-anime)


Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama is about a girl named Misaki Ayuzawa who is the student council President at a former all-boys school. Her position at the top of the food chain is threatened when one of the boys, Takumi Usui, discovers that she works part-time as a maid at a maid cafe.

I watched this anime because I have read some good reviews, however, I was curious to why they had some disappointments after watching it.

Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama is witty and enjoyable to watch. The artwork is fabulous and you will enjoy the designs of each character. The romantic chemistry between the two protagonists is quite sweet and alluring.  Everything is almost okay, except the buildup of their relationship was indeed an agony. 

They took a lot of episodes for their friend zone parts rather than being “in love” with each other drastically.  Sometimes, I hated Misaki for being so clueless or being hard to get to Takumi Usui. This guy never failed to show how much he likes her, to mention his stolen kisses too and she’s just there pretending never have noticed it.  It was such a crawl event of the show, it wasn’t just enough.

Apart from this, the show is a pretty good run of romance anime.  But then, I need a season 2 to wrap up everything in order. I need more!

Verdict: 8/10


Love Letter

My mom told me that one of her friends in their religious group has the spiritual gift of vision.  This friend had seen in her revelation that my son will always be chased and courted with girls, which is the opposite of our traditional way of dating.

When we heard it, my son gave me a wink and pleasant smile, while I was totally feeling uproar. Later, I was just smiling of the thoughts and forget it, whether it can be true or not, at least her vision serves as a look out. I really don’t mind if girls will like him or get crazy for him, but I am just nervous that he might fall to the wrong ones. Oops, sorry, just carried away.

Well, James got his first love letter when he was 13 years old. A girl handed it to my mother with a bracelet, asking her to give it to him as a gift. My mom was really laughing so hard that she became the messenger in an instant.

He didn’t reply to her letter and just ignored the gift too. He said, he doesn’t like her, he was turned off.  I know,  because he likes someone else 🙂

VOICE (K-drama)

I have never seen as dark, brutal and tenacious crime show in Korean drama like VOICE. It was really violent, bloody and quite disturbing.

The Voice did well by giving us some thrills and story to follow. Despite some holes and vague details that never been raised, it was still a decent drama to sit back and feel the horror of sheer evil.

Comments have flooded regarding the villain’s performance and looks.  He was definitely a sexy monster with convincing acting. He has raised the flag for villains.


Kim Jae-Wook as Mo Tae-Goo


Lee Ha-Na as Kang Kwon-Joo and Jang Hyuk as Moo Jin-Hyuk

For the two protagonists, they are truly perfect for the story. Both achieved a stunning, well-knit and exceptional delivery of action and intensity.

The finale was wrap up according to my expectation, it gave me a fresh air to breath after all those bloody images from the victims I have seen. This drama passed a great message that everyone is a little bit of psychopath, it only takes a little mistake to be a murderer.

Verdict: 8/10


A drama centered around the police of a 112 emergency call center. Two detectives teamed up to catch a serial killer who murdered their family. Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk)’s life spiraled out of control after his wife was murdered. He starts to put himself together after he meets Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na), US-graduated voice-profiler, who lost her police father to the same serial killer years before. They work together on the 112 (emergency telephone number) call center team.









I wouldn’t deny that sometimes I feel like I am wasting my energy in considering others, but at the end of the day, It feels great that I was able to control an inevitable doom.



Dubai’s here & there

Winter has ended here in Dubai, and it means summer with extreme hot, windy and humid is about to come.  I hate going out in summer, no one will love the temperature around 41 °C for sure.  So, winter is a little paradise to us where we can enjoy the short period of warmness.

I went here and there and took some pictures while visiting some places.


The weather feels like heaven; warm and relaxing.


Emirati men wear the traditional  clothes such as the kandura and local women wear an abaya.IMG_20170302_164059.jpg

Falcon is the national bird of UAE and is a symbol of force and courage.


Camel is part of UAE’s rich heritage. It is famously known as the ship of the desert. Historically, camels in the UAE were a dependable source of not only transport but also food and milk.


Never miss to experienced the most popular tourist activity in Dubai with adventure and thrilling ride, Desert Safari.


Shisha is a water pipe used to smoke tobacco through cooled water. It has a sweet and fruity smell.  Smoking shisha is about socializing and has been part of life in the Middle East for centuries. You can find also them in the restaurant where with both men and women equally taking part.


And of course, don’t forget to buy Desert Day Sand Bottle for Souvenir.




TUNNEL (K-Movie)

After watching this movie, I wanted to avoid the tunnels if possible. I am over reacting, but just couldn’t stop thinking about it. I don’t want to be hopelessly trapped when a tunnel collapsed around me.  I hope it will never happen to anyone.

What I like about this movie is that it showed the power of humanity over the fight for survival and the genuine determination to save someone’s life even though greediness and damn politics joggled along the way.

The movie has a simple premise, but it was executed flawlessly. It was well made with a sum amount of suspense and a formula of a little twist. The acting was decent, enough for you to focus on the character, and of course, the visual effects are impressive.

Verdict. 8/10


“Lee Jung-Soo drives home for his daughter’s birthday. While driving through a tunnel that crosses through a mountain, the unthinkable happens. The tunnel collapses. When Lee Jung-Soo regains consciousness, he finds himself trapped inside his car. The car itself is buried under thousands of tons of concrete and debris. All he has inside the car are his cellphone, two bottles of water and his daughter’s birthday cake.”








A wonderful Sunday to all 🙂



I always told myself that I can do everything in my power to be a successful person and a supportive single parent to my son. I have no remorse of these two responsibilities in my hand; to be a mom and at the same time to be a dad.  Yes, I do complain occasionally when colors turned out dark, but most of the time, it’s a feeling of accomplishment and somewhat I am always proud of.

Honestly, for the past long years, my son and I never have received the rights for financial support from my x-husband. It was clearly stated in the Philippine Constitution the anti-violence against women and their children, that we should be protected. I am fully aware of this law, but have never used it properly to protect my son. I became the slave of my own hard work and reputation.

Then, I woke up one day realizing that I shouldn’t carry this load alone. I must teach someone how to handle responsibility and not just to live a life of ease. So, while I was in the Philippines, I went to the Philippine Overseas Labor Office with my son and made a complaint address to his father, who is working now in Italy, with a demand of financial support monthly, or else, he will be blacklisted to work abroad and will be deported back to his hometown. Honestly, I really don’t want to create drama, but for now, it really works.

So, just last month, my son received his allowance in complete amounts stated from the agreement. It was our little feat shared of what we have fought for our rights.

To all the women out there that suffered this kind of issue or more than that, we should never feel disgrace or to be embarrassed to contest our rights as a woman and for our children. We might feel a little hesitant as every beginning is hard, but being fearful or ashamed of our situation leads us to hardiest life.

So,  be brave and have a little faith in yourself.

I believe I can do it, you can do it, we can do it!





“If it felt good when you did it, never regret it. “


They are my childhood friends (except for the kids of course 🙂

I can still remember playing, fighting and being friends with them again. Those happy memories seem like it was just yesterday, but actually, it has been long years to count. To be honest, it was amazing that I have friends in my life for over 30 years, I am quite thankful for that. Though we just meet once in a year (because of my work),  we never missed any chances to be reunited when time is certain for all of us.

As the saying goes; Beautiful memories are like old friends. They may not always be on your mind, but they are forever in your heart.

HWARANG: The Poet Warrior Youth

Drama series depicts the story of Hwarang (literally “Flowering Knights”) – an elite group of male youth in during the Kingdom of Silla.

What I like about this show is the beautiful faces of our flower boy warriors, certainly, it helps the show to look striking. However, good looks are not enough to make a drama good and convincing.

The plot would be much better if they were able to progress the story and not just partially divulged, then leaped to another situation and no follow up to what has been untold. I was expecting more fights, blood, and craziness, but never had the taste.  It wasn’t right for a historical drama to miss something like that.

Another weak point of the show is the romance sucked. Literally, I have never cared about it because there’s no element of chemistry thumping around for the leads. Bromance was quite fun, but the character development between the two was so slow.

Surprisingly, the finale wrapped up according to my expectations. Well, I never had high hopes, but they ended it on a high note. Though it wasn’t the best of the best, but it has its moments too,  enough to watch for a little entertainment.

Verdict: 7/10




Instead of thinking about how hard life is,

just fill your box with good things and pile them all.

Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa.) – J-Anime


Hands down. Wow. It made me smile, cry and cringe.

Kimi No Na Nawa (Your name) is one of the best movies I have enjoyed.

It has a beautiful and mysterious plot and surprising twist. Tangled with amazing characters, body swapping and my favorite Time Traveling.

The animation quality of this movie and its music are beautifully blended.

You can’t stop your heart racing with every scene, and the feelings of searching someone, at somewhere and in something in your memory that you can’t even remember are enough reasons to mesmerize your emotions.

Kimi No Na Nawa (Your name) is a must see movie that will braid your heart till the end.


High schoolers Mitsuha and Taki are complete strangers living separate lives. But one night, they suddenly switch places. Mitsuha wakes up in Taki’s body, and he in hers. This bizarre occurrence continues to happen randomly, and the two must adjust their lives around each other.

Verdict: 10/10

15 years

Happy Birthday to my one and only.  



The story revolves around the romance between Woo-Joo (Suho) and Byul (Ji-Woo). Woo-Joo is a gifted singer-songwriter and Byul is an angel of death.

This web drama was far better than I had expected.

The plot was carefully laid without pushing you to understand everything that was going on.

It was my first time to watch the main leads; the acting was quite impressive and noticeable. Their chemistry was perfect too. The music and soundtracks played throughout the drama was captivating and gives a sense of highlighting emotions.

Star of the Universe is telling us to love those people who are still with us – alive and never took them for granted. We should give time to do the things that make us happy so that when we leave this life, we have no regrets.

The ending? I have mix emotions actually.

Verdict: 9/10



Let the pain have a rest,

Give your heart a minute to breath;

Show yourself a little respect,

Just break that stupid-stupid ache.

You are not alone,

Don’t do this on your own;

You have them and me,

Call us your home.






Happy Sunday to all 🙂







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