The last couple of weeks has been a complete whirlwind of work, which, combined with some other stuff left me in a pothole. It’s just that going back to work from a one month vacation has been quite an adversity; emotionally and physically.

How can you favorably work with a good tune with your mind is not into it? It’s so difficult when you experience this emotional turmoil which you cannot control. Even I tried my best to stay focus which has always been my reason why I am here.

Earlier than my vacation, I was thinking what kind of boy I will meet after one year past. Even though the telephone calls and Facebook provide a significant help for communication still a personal contact is much different and real.

When I finally met my son, I would say he is still fairly the same and different. Sweet, handsome and strict as before, taller, and bigger compared. He became more mature and playful with me. He doesn’t like TOM & JERRY anymore, instead; he is connected with computers, basketball and wrestling activities.

But the most important thing that has never changed within is his AFFECTION and UNDERSTANDING towards me, and that makes me ever proud of. A relationship bounded with love and compassion which not all the mothers-children relationship has.

And that makes me sad without him around, but life must go on, whether I like it or not.


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