Jealousy scene – Mary Stayed Out All Night

Mary: There are too many people here, what if someone sees us?

Kang Moo Kyul: Yah, and just what were you doing in front of so many              people?

Mary: What did I do?

Kang Moo Kyul: You were there with that guy whispering sweet things to each other during my whole performance. It was so distracting I could barely concentrate.

Mary: What’s this, are you jealous?

Kang Moo Kyul: It’s not that I’m jealous, its just that this was not just    performance. Are you here to work or to date??

Mary:     We were just talking about your music.

Kang Moo Kyul:    Exactly, i was performing and instead of listening, you were there talking away with that guy.


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