You can reach me by railway
You can reach me by railway
You can reach me on an airplane

You can reach me with your mind

You can reach me by caravan
Cross the desert like an Arab man
I don’t care how you get here
Just get here if you can.


This has been my favorite song three years ago.  Like the rest, I have been in long distance relationship for three years. A kind of relationship where you can only see the person you love once or twice a year, an exceptional relationship where most of your time for loving, fighting, and knowing the person more is outlined from non-physical existence. Whether you admit it or not, this is an unkind way of giving yourself the so-called happiness.

I couldn’t say it will never work because there are also pairs beat the hardship in this kind of relationship, at the end, they got the sweet harvest of their patience and love. Maybe these are the people loaded with virtues. And I am not one of them, and will never be.

So after three years of block out communication with my x-long-distance boyfriend, I saw a photograph of him and his baby daughter accidentally. Well, he looks great and happy. For a moment, I just stopped thinking and trying to muse over if I could feel any remorse inside my heart. And certainly, I have none.

I am just happy to see him that way.  Finally, he got what he wants in his life, the things he needed, the people he would truly care.  Those bits and pieces that I would never give him back. Now I know, I made the right choice of letting him go and allowing him to grow.

My heart feels at ease.


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