I have been working here in Dubai for Five years. I have never imagined I would stay until this time.  I thought I just need a little time to save, make a difference in the world, and bring new meaning into my life.. but it wasn’t the case anymore.

Things change as time goes by. I have seen better days, also seen worse.  For five years living and working, I have learned that there are some things that money just cannot buy, Like TIME that we have lost our loved ones back home.  You cannot witness how your child grows. You cannot see how your parents getting old. You cannot be present at weddings, birthdays, Christmas, New Years, and Christening, much worse at the funerals. Not all of us have enough luck going back home whenever we want, nor we cannot travel back time and fix what has gone.

There are times that we are afraid to give up what we have now, not because we enjoyed it but we are uncertain of the future. We are afraid for the circumstances to change.  We are scared to wane from our comfort zone even if it means away from home.  We would rather say let this be, this is now where we belong.

I may not know until I would call myself an EXPAT even though I have lost most of my time here. Same as you, I am still uncertain. I am frightened to start all over again. Five years has never been enough for me.

I believe the reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.  After five years, am still grateful for everything where I am now.  I am alive. My family as well. I have good friends. I have a job.

Thank you to the most provider – Above.


  1. Parang kailan lang An, but anyway me too Im already 3 yrs now here in Africa parang kailan lang naanad nata still looking forward kay daghan pa project he he he, until cguro ni nga dili na cla ganahan sa atoa wala na mo hire he he he, thats the high time to rest and stay back home for good, dapat naa na gyud tigum hopefully, lets just hope and pray…… God bless you more and me too…..


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