As embarrassing as it is to admit, I felt broken hearted when MASTER’S SUN ENDED their chapter.  I was just so fascinated with the story and the characters behind of it.  I know most of K-Dramas won’t last long after 17th episode and often times it makes the viewers asked for more when it’s so damn good.  But what can we do? Everything has to end.



It took me for days to appreciate again the new highly anticipated drama HEIRS which will be replacing the time slot of Master’s sun.  Honestly, I have been waiting this fresh drama since two months ago. The casts are quite admired and I have seen some of each previous dramas.  The Master’s sun ends achieving its highest viewer rating but more than that I hope Heirs would  amuse me and makes me fall in love again.

With every end there’s a new beginning. Goodbye my Master,  hello Heirs!

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