Sometimes, we are the one who causes pain.  And I realized I owe a quite a bit of apologies.

I met you during the bad times.  I wasn’t exactly looking for love in that span of time but just someone to fool around.  I know I created a mess and I know I have hurt you.

It should be a dumpy relationship and because you are so good to suffer my flaws, I have to end it.  You are not worthy to share of every drop from my insincerity.

I am sorry about the way I handled things to end.  You were too great and there I was so unsure of myself feeling about you.

I am sorry for ignoring your calls, for hiding myself and for keeping the truth.

I am sorry for making you keen on me and I cannot reciprocate it.

Despite of all, thank you for writing me today, for letting those words  off my chest.


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