56 Days of Gratitude

The journey to disappointment is about to begin.

Recently, I was loafing around and wondering where I am actually heading.  I draw a map inside of my head and still I couldn’t get the sense of direction I am desperately looking for.  I am mortified to be lost again.  I am bored and I am disappointed for no explicit reason at all.  I don’t want to admit any of this that I just caught up living a kind of life which exactly opposite from the path I wanted to have and to be.   It gritted my heart with frustration.

So before I would find myself again hanging on a cliff, I decided to create a 56 days of gratitude from this date on to the end of this year.

While there are some people will help you go through with all your dramas, it would be more helpful that you, yourself will put together what is shattered and make it real again.  I trust that recognizing your agony and affirming gratitude turns what we have into enough.

So let me scream to the world that behind this disappointment there is always something to be grateful for.

Let me realize my worth.

Let me say thank you everyday.

my 56 days of gratitude!


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