Your Proudest Moment – DAY 5


I can’t think of anything that made me proud except that day when my son handed me his letter before I have to leave him again to work overseas.

1467407_10152062659259732_1576359892_n        1479528_10152062675269732_2146752943_n

You see, I’m quite emotional when it comes to him because we both knew we are having a hard time being separated and we need to bear this inequitable situation of me being a mother and a father to him at the same time.   I know it’s tough for him to wake up every day without me by his side, to compare his situation with others and as a parent; it was all guilt and desperation of the time I am hanging on.

It was my proudest moment because it made my heart flutter to know he was THANKFUL for everything I had to do and he believed that he was LUCKY to have me regardless of my shortcoming as a mother.

It was my proudest moment because it wasn’t easy to educate him to be sweet and thoughtful and yet he was able to do it, to his mom, to me.  And there’s nothing more to compare when your love is reciprocated with love too from the most important person in your life.



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