Your Worst Habit – DAY 22




Grudge-holding is a natural response people have after they’ve been hurt.  But for me, I usually get hold of grudges when I am deeply hurt or a kind of betrayal, from people either who closes to me or not.  But my grudge is different from what others are experiencing I supposed.  I am holding this thing not to replace any anger or pessimism in my heart towards them but to cut off immediately any relationship I have with them.

What I usually do to those people I held grudges in my life?

1. I don’t communicate with them anymore.
2. I don’t forget what they have caused me.
3. I never trusted them again.
4. I would never allow them even with a certain chance to get along with me again.
5. I will never say good things about them.
6. I don’t  hate them but I will never like them again.

It may sound odd but my worst habit of holding grudges is to help myself know whom I can trust and to live a life without pretentious.   I know how exhausting to have a life where you need to forgive everyone who has hurt you just to please people about you that you are kind and good.

Well, I am not like that. It’s not my type.  I am the kind of person whatever you have shown me I will pay you back what you have deserve or more than that.

As of now I have few people seized with resentment on. And I am grateful not to have them in my life anymore.

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