What Attracts You in Love – DAY 24



This question started me to pay interest of what kind of person who draws my attention to LOVE. Aside from physical attraction which place actually high up on my list, I am more now considering the finest attributes that I would carry in the name of love rather than a mere physical and intellectual attraction.

What attracts me….

  • Someone who is kind with a very open mind.
  • Someone I can share with my interest.
  • Can take care of himself financially.
  • Someone who loves his mother and treats woman with respect.
  • Someone will go home on time after work to take care of his family. Certainly a family oriented person.
  • Someone who is loyal.
  • Someone who has sense of humor.

I know it doesn’t always happen to end up with someone having the list of qualities we wanted. Love just happens without consideration.

So if you have found love, enjoy and value it.
If you haven’t, let’s keep our hope alive.

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