Dear All,

Today is my birthday.

Another year came and went.

And I just realized that my age matches my shoe size.

Anyway, some of you would ask “how does it feel to be 35? “Oh friends, do I have to feel anything different from yesterday?  It made me smile.

Having this chance to have another year to breathe, I am very grateful.   It means I can still be with my family, enjoy your friendship and still have the opportunity to live my life into fullest.  And I would not dare to end this day without dropping a few words of gratitude.

Thank you all for your warm greetings and wishes.  Thank you to FACEBOOK, CHICKA, WHAT’Z UP, WE CHAT and FB MESSENGER for letting you communicates with me.

I will make it sure that I will enjoy this day, and looking forward for more memories to share with you all.


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