This drama is set in modern day where South Korea is governed by a constitutional monarchy.


“Lee Jae Ha ( Lee Seung Ki) is a handsome and materialistic crown prince that doesn’t care about politics.His life turns upside down when his brother forces him to join a hybrid team consisting of soldiers from north and south Korea.”


“Kim Hang Ah ( Ha Ji Won) is a tough special forces agent who doesn’t have any experience in love or dating though she wishes to get married and live peacefully. When her comrade convinces her of joining the north-south team , she meets the cocky prince and they immediately start fighting but things change when they know they are arranged to be married.”


“The son of chief adviser, Eun Kyu Tae (Eun Shi-kyung), he is a South Korean military man who participates in the joint collaboration. Later promoted to the Royal Guard, he is absolutely loyal and strict by nature, Initially detested by Prince Jae-ha due to his “old-headed”-ness resembling King Jae-kang. He is romantically interested in Princess Jae-shin.”


“The Princess of South Korea. Prince Jae-ha (Lee Yoon-ji)  and King Jae-kang’s younger sister. A royal by day and an underground rock band singer by night. She has a somewhat naughty sense of humor, which once got her arrested by Eun Shi-kyung (not knowing her true identity) when she dressed down and made fun of her royal self. However, she is paralyzed after her brother Jae-kang’s death and her kidnapping.”
“The main antagonist, Yoon Je-moon as Kim Bong-gu (John Mayer), a magician by day, an arms dealer, a terrorist mastermind, and an assassin by night. He decides to assassinate the South Korean king after peace talks are established between both sides of 38th Parallel which compromised the interest of his weapons business. ”
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This drama is filled with romance, history, politics, action and comedy. It has an original flavor that surely be enjoyed. It’s a pretty epic with good acting and loveable characters.

I love Lee Jae Ha ( Lee Seung Ki) but I was captivated of Eun Kyu Tae (Eun Shi-kyung) character. He was loyal and romantic and I cried a lot more from his scenes.

I’m so glad that I watched it. It is one of my favorites!

You must see it.


Jae Ha: “Every single morning I will give you a kiss as revenge. Every single day, I will follow you like a stalker and buy you everything you want. I am never going to cheat on you. You’ll be the only one in my eyes. From now on, I’ll never let you cry even one tear. I’m going to make you the happiest queen in the world. Until the day I die to the point of disgust, I’m only going to love you as revenge. Can you handle it, your highness? I’m officially proposing to you right now.”

Hang Ah: “We argue a lot recently. It was like that from the very beginning. He said I wasn’t a woman to him from the very first sight. He said that unexpectedly. After I heard it, I was so upset; I treated him roughly and fought against him. Now that I think about it, that’s when I began to love him.”


Eun Shi-kyung. “What is there to like about a powerless king? There was a time I was shaken – when you said you’d resign, when you said you couldn’t send me here. But that was all. You didn’t blame anyone else or lie down in defeat. When it was a 99% improbable reality, you plotted and schemed to find that remaining one percent. I didn’t serve you because you were the king. I served you because even in the pit of despair, you did not give up.“


Eun Shi-kyung. “Do you remember when we looked at the shooting star together? That time… I wasn’t looking at the shooting star. Because you were shining more brightly than the stars.“

Verdict: 10/10

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