ROMANCE? Everybody needs that on Valentine’s Day?

I have read one article stating that February 14 is a SINGLE AWARENESS DAY.  Of course, I will not squabble about it, it’s not a big deal for me. Whether by choice or by circumstances you are single, there’s nothing erroneous about it. Much more, don’t feel dreary or hate yourself for being like that, do not be disappointed by one dash occasion just to feel like you are alone on this planet. Your value will not lessen if you don’t receive a heart-shaped box of chocolates and red roses. Don’t be swayed by bursting the illusion of dating and passing ideas of love on that day.

Cheer up singles. Here are simple heart-healthy ways to spend a love-filled day when Cupid comes bringing his bow and arrow.

  1. Plan a girls’ night in or out.
  2. Hit a restaurant, the local karaoke, the bowling lanes and do the shopping and watch movies with friends.
  3. Pamper and treat yourself.
  4. Spend time with your family.
  5. Party at your place.
  6. Volunteer your time.
  7. Stay at home and enjoy being alone.

There’s more of it if you are willing not to feel miserable on this day.  Remember,  you can be happy if you want to.



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