How to Pretend to be Working at Work.


I am not lazy and I am not used of being idle for long hours. It just happened that I have only enough things to do at work.  There are just those days that you simply cannot work, either you are weary or there’s really nothing to do.

I have gathered some information on how to pretend working. We need it if we don’t want to be busted and to be caught doing nothing.

  • Always be in the office during working hours.
  • Try to look concentrated and make a poker face to make you look serious on your work.
  • Don’t keep your desk too clean. It will help to launch the illusion of you being occupied with loads of work.
  • Open some of the applications you normally use for work and have them visible on your computer’s desktop.
  • Type loudly on your keyboard, it will point out “geez, I’m busy.”
  • Re-read old documents or emails for no real reason.
  • Walk around with pads of paper like you’re really busy.
  • Don’t forget to take breaks. It will show you are tired and need to rest for a while.
  • Roll your eyes in annoyance whenever someone comes to talk to you.
  • Open some folders and put papers in them. Then take them out. Then put them back in.
  • Put things on shelves. Take things down off shelves. Put them up on other shelves. Repeat.
  • Take out a calculator and punch the numbers for a while.
  • Lastly, do your work and be glad you have it.  And if you are not happy anymore of pretending the whole time, start looking for a new job.

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