I am bothered.  It has been six months now when we are running out of staff.  See, almost everyone left and got a new job with a good high salary. And since I am new here I couldn’t get out.  The fact that I like my boss too, the office environment is peaceful, the salary disbursement is on time and the work load is manageable, I couldn’t ask for more. Only one thing, that is Company STABILITY.

I handled the company finances; much more I know what’s going on.  My work is my butter and bread, I have mouths to feed and school fees to pay, and this made me feel worried for a bit.

The company is not going well for a year.  My boss told me with conviction that he will never give up, that he will never come to an end. I will give my faith to him and stay by his side in this matter of time, and maybe hopefully in the future I can share with his victory.



4 Replies to “GHOST OFFICE”

  1. i wish you all the best – my boss died unexpectedly in 2012 – and i ran the company for a year and a half while the estate looked for a buyer. he it was hard and i cannot begin to tell you how many people said i need to get out – i couldn’t. yes, it was loyalty, yes, i wanted to see what i could accomplish, yes, it was a huge sacrifice – emotionally, financially and it affected not only me, but my boys. was it worth it? we were purchased and it is still a struggle – BUT i can live with myself for the decision i made, which i knew in my heart was the right one – may not have been the smart one, but it was the right one.


    1. I hope I won’t end up to the worst. Yes, loyalty it seems maybe I just can’t leave him when he was there when I needed the job. I’m just praying everything will be fine.


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