12th Happy Birthday to my Son

james bday

You turned 12 today, and you’re no longer a little boy. You are an official pre-teen, too old for a lot of things but too young for many others. However, these are all my wishes to you;

That you will sweep the floor, clean the kitchen, do some cooking, look after your grandparents, be self reliable to your studies and do all this stuff without complaining and being reminded all the time.

That you will be responsible and kind to your family.

That you will always be surrounded with good people and loyal friends.

That you will constantly be a good student and a teacher to help others.

Be strong and competitive. I wish your wins and losses, trophies and empty shelves. Dream of what you want and I’ll make sure to support you.

Take care of your body, your health.

Always seek happiness. All you have to do is to beat hardship in life and looking bold for the next line. No matter what I will never leave you in your journey.

You are my youngest brother, my son, my strict father and sometimes a boring friend. But for most other reasons, I love you. I loved you the first time I saw you, I love you the second you talked back at me, I love you now at twelve, and I will love you forever.

Never forget that you are loved for exactly who you are right now and for the young man you are becoming to be.

Happy 12th birthday to you James Santos.


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