I made a huge effort to be a nice person. As much as possible I don’t want to hurt someone by stand of my actions and worse of my words. I have seen people shed tears because I wanted to hurt them and witness them hating me with self satisfaction of my feeling. When I am angry I am totally mean, I can tell you everything to wound you until you beg to end it. But this was before, before I realized that every person should be worthy of respect no matter what they have done in your life. And if you can’t respect them, correct them, if you can’t do both, at least ignore them.

Until this moment I am in the struggle to be a good person. I think this is a long process that no one knows when to end. If there is no ending, at least there is a control, to avoid what your heart wanted to do just to make others life miserable and pursue what is right instructed by your mind.

There are just some words I couldn’t say and pretend it’s just on the tip of my tongue. I just can’t say it in front of everyone’s faces because I am changing and I don’t want to go back to my old, insufferable, selfish self. What’s the point right?

But today I will let it out, of course by writing and there is no particular person I wanted to tell.  These are just words contained in my mouth and it needs to go off without hurting all of you.

Words of swearing that I wanted to tell you but I just couldn’t say it.

  1. Your son of a bitch.

  2. You bore me.

  3. Leave me alone, just finger yourself.

  4. Shut your cunt.

  5. Motherfuckers go to hell for all I care.

  6. I don’t give a damn.

  7. You’re pathetic.

  8. Hung yourself.

  9. I hate your fucking mouth.

  10. Fuck you, idiot.

Relax. Don’t get me wrong.

In the end, it is always better to take the side of caution. Even if I’m free to use those words it doesn’t mean that I should display my liberty in front of others. Out of respect for people I can choose to change my language to fit the circumstances or I can stop myself using them at all.

Stop cursing.

Stop swearing.

Stop bad mouthing.


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