I can’t let you pass me by I just can’t let you go.

But I know that I am much too shy to let you know.

Afraid that I might say the wrong words and displease you.

Afraid for love to fade before it can come true.🎶 🎼🎶 🎼

I don’t think I am alone in this genuine confession of my perplexity.  In my case true love is fraught with such pressure. I have to present myself with frankness as a task, the unflattering side of my story and wonder how anyone could love me.

When is the word “I love you because you are exactly who you are, and no one else” I can grip of?

Sometimes I am afraid of showing who I am, that love will fade before it can come true.


  1. I had someone that I loved very much – but I never told him – ever. I knew him for 12 years and i never said the three words. I was afraid. i was afraid if i told him he would leave and for me not having him in my life would have been worse than having him in my life, but never having said those words. I was wrong – he died unexpectedly and I never got the chance. This is one of my biggest regrets. I should have told him. and now i will never be able to.


    • Oh sorry, that is so devastating. But sometimes it is really frightful to tell the truth and we tend to follow what we think is best. Time is blessing for those who use it rightfully and curse for those who just slip it away. So what u think lets not afraid to love again? “,)


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