“A burning desire to be with someone who you find very attractive and extremely special.

Crushes make you feel crazy emotions–like feeling super shy and uncontrollably giddy at the same time.

A brief but intense infatuation for someone.”

I do have many crush way back then. I think I enjoyed it more. The fact that it is exciting to have a crush to someone, it has never terrified me at all. Besides of admiring my opposite sex I always tend to do something to get near them and sometimes I made some effort to let them know about it. I may look aggressive, but this is me. The more I can’t get them, the more I become persistent.

I did a lot of crazy things before then. I can give you some tips, but I am not sure it will still work on this fast pace period.

1. Love letters. I usually wrote them; either it could be a poem or just a plain romantic note. Sometimes I signed with my initials and oftentimes just ‘from anonymous”.  I wanted to bother them thinking from whom it was.

2. Activities. I followed my crush’ groups or activities. Obviously we could be partners in a project and that I can see him every time I wanted.

3. Stare. I always look intently to my crush. It will give him the message that “I like you, please look at me too.”

4. Friendly. I always appear to be friendly to him. If he is stubborn to recognize my attempt, I usually make friends with his friends and then “I got you! “

5 .Gossip. I will share my secret to people that I have a crush on him. Believe me, at least one person will gossip about it and he will know about it eventually. Spread the news!

6. When I learned my crush’s home address, I would pretend to ride my bicycle, drove coming back and forth until he will see me passing by, until I can say hi to him and see his smiles. whoa!

7. Be crazy. I gave my crush a handmade necklace with his name and my name combined. After a few days he asked me to out.

8. Be Tough. There was a time that I couldn’t control myself of liking this someone, I straightly informed him. He just smiled and said he likes the other girl. I got rejected, I was hurt, I cried, but I got my revenge soon after.

9. In this new generation system, you can ask his Facebook account, Twitter, Instagram. Just drop a hello and show your best ever beautiful picture profile. Most of the time it works and the next step, it’s up to you.

10. Be a friend. The best thing to get near your crush is to be his friend. Let me say this is a friendly crush. At least you’re working slowly by knowing the person, learning his likes & dislikes, recognizing the compatibility. Who knows it will develop into the consistency of affection.

I always believe that having a crush is the most thrilling feeling.  I miss it a lot!

There’s nothing wrong about it, just enjoy it and ensure you know your limitations too.

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