There’s no place like home (1st day)

After work, I excitedly went home, washed my self, dressed up and had my dinner with friends. Need to prepare for more than 8 hours travel to the Philippines for my vacation. No matter how long the time would be it will not compensate the happy feelings that I am about to see my son, my parents, my friends, and my hometown. There’s no place like home, I always believe it that.


I just had five hours sleep on the plane.  I took Cebu Pacific airline new international Dubai-Manila flight. Aside from two hours late departure, the entire hours of flight was just plainly fine.


I reached domestic area early as I expected, bound from Manila to my hometown Davao City.  I exceeded two kilos of my baggage and tried the staff to consider it but unfortunately, I need to pay. It wasn’t an issue but as you see, I came from the connecting flight and a certified overseas foreign worker (OFW).  No special treatment for that?? Hahaha.



I  had my lunch at the airport with my Dubai friends while waiting for our flights. We are surprised at what we pay for burgers and fries, special mention for the water cost p45.00. Indeed, we are in the Philipines!

Our selfie moment. I met my friend Josephine in the airport, exchanging some stuff, laugh and news. The time was not enough but I was happy to see her.


Domestic flight was delayed again. I just sat on the floor while waiting for my flight and texting some friends. I was tired but manageable.


Finally! I met my son James after one year and seven months away. He’s taller than me now, still white and becoming more handsome. Whoa!

I welcome back myself to Davao City, Philippines. Though it is very hot here, there’s no place like home!

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