Quick meeting

Today is my 4th day.


Just went out with my parents and James. We headed to SM Mall to check on something and for me to meet a friend from Houston, USA.



This guy doesn’t love cameras.  He is my son but we are quite different.



Meet Dhan from Houston. He came home for an emergency reason and he has to leave back there tomorrow in an early flight. April is a friend too, she just made an excuse to her boss to leave early from work to meet us both.

It was just a short time to be with them but its worth it. It’s good to see old friends, it will remind you of your old self and what you have become.



  1. It’s so good to see some old friend and spend some time of day
    And talk about the old folks a million miles away.

    This just reminds me so much of a song I used to hear all the time. Meeting old friends is such a pleasure and a treasure. I’m so happy that you were so blessed with that visit.


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