MOTHER’S LOVE – That’s the way it is

It was my intention to write today as I don’t want this to get lost on the flooded walls of Facebook and WordPress.

For me, a Mothers’ day should be every day. Every day to remember and be grateful to them.

You cannot fully understand and figure out about the irreplaceable, unconditional and influence love of a mother until you, yourself will be called a mother. That’s the way it is. To become a mother is a privilege, a gift, a responsibility, a lifetime of unselflessness and joy.

We might be lucky to have this kind of mothers but since the world is huge to consider all these, there are some parts that badly, unfortunately, needing a mother’s love. Children that have left alone, abandoned and unwanted. That’s the way it is since the world is imperfect.

Let us be reminded that there are some mothers who are remorsefully taking themselves off from this celebration, considering for not being a good one. Let us do our part not to repeat the same mistake again.

Let’s give kindness and acceptance to our mothers, be good as a daughter and son so you can raise someone like you too, someone to treat you nicely and with love. And who knows this imperfect world will mount to fullness.

I don’t have a perfect relationship with my mother but I am doing my best to create one.

I am not always physically near to my son but I am hoping that he will never feel the emptiness of my love.


 Happy Mother’s day Ana Edquilang!

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