Lucky me.  I have a new job description in here, sounds good and more responsibility to consider.

I am now a FISH-TAKER.


My boss bought this one for our office and inform us to take care of this; like to feed them and clean the water EVERYDAY! I told him it would make the fish stress and uncomfortable but he insisted still. Fine! he’s the boss so I must follow.

Honestly I don’t like them to be my pet. I only liked them to EAT. My father used to have more of this in our house and it has always been his anti-stress reliever. He just kept on looking at them in a very quiet position while I was staring at them wondering how tasteful they seem to be if I cook or fried them.

I cannot remember anything that I helped my father in taking care of those fish and he never asked me too. For me they were just  designed to be appreciated.

Anyway, since it is my new job now, I checked some information how to take care of them;

1. Feed your fish two or three times a day.

2. Monitor your fish. While they eat, sit and observe them. Check for anything strange: changing color, falling off fins, damaged tails, etc.  Also, make sure all your fish are getting along.

3. Try not to stress out your fish. This includes putting your hand in the tank when you don’t need to, touching them, or jumping near the tank.

4. etc etc etc etc etc….

 Am I getting a salary increment for this?



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