I always do try to visit the gym as many days as possible. It would not only compensate my payment monthly though it’s impossible to take it back now but because I have one goal to attain, and that is to be physically fit.

Before I lost 2 kilos for the past two months, the thought of exercising is like a torture. The habit of laziness will beat you to the point that you want to say NO anymore. But one friend said; it’s just a matter of imposing SELF-DISCIPLINE.

Self discipline has a mammoth definition but it will go round and round end to you. It means how you control yourself over yourself is how you see yourself.

The result is quite good, I don’t feel weighty anymore. I know this is just the start and I need to go more through of it. Sometimes I do feel lazy but I am trying to surpass it.

What did I do to discipline myself?

  1. Set a goal.

  2. Make a realistic schedule of your activities.

  3. Accept the hardship.

  4. Invite some friends, having same goal to attain and support each other.

  5. Make an attainable, correct diet and supplement.

  6. Be happy. Love yourself.

  7. Practice SELF DISCIPLINE.

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