6 years of being rich


Happy Anniversary to me!

It is my six years of working here in Dubai. I really don’t like to determine because I really don’t know when I will be going to stop counting. The truth is, everything was started as a little dream; to work, to save and get rich and later part I realized it was far beyond from the reality itself.

Yes, I have work and I can save a little but I am still not rich. To be become one is very radically difficult to achieve. Some people might not believe it but OFW has a lot of things to pay for; our food, house rent, electricity, water, internet, transportation, everything! Because in this country there are no free perks. In addition to that, we have a family to support back home. We cannot run off with them exactly because this is all for them.

So hell yeah! Financially I am not rich yet, but I am hoping to be someday, very least the sooner.

6 years of being here makes me tough. Tough to avoid despair to the point that loneliness is part of my existence and there are moments that I could no longer recognize it not because I don’t feel it anymore but it’s already there in my system.

For six years I enjoy myself alone and sometimes it makes me sick. In long years I have gained knowledge, experiences, mistakes, friends, perseverance and faith. I have learned to pray harder not for myself but for those I left behind.

For six years I am always praying for miracles, just a little miracle.

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