Training Bicycle

The day I turned ten, I became a bicycle addict. Since my parents couldn’t afford or maybe doesn’t want to buy a bicycle for me, I just keep renting it from our neighbor. Well, it costs me Ten Pesos for three hours and for those long time I really  had the time of my life.

I don’t know how I learned to use the bicycle, I cannot even remember if my parents were the ones who taught me too. I just woke up one day, drove it, learned it and enjoy it. Truthfully, it trained me a lot and it puts me into so much trouble.

Riding a bicycle is controlling yourself, where you wanted to go and how many miles you want to achieve. In order to keep moving you must do the balance best for most. It would give you harm too, there are times you will lurch, you will be out of control, you can lose the break, and you would fall and get bruises. I had those experiences.

Life is like riding a bicycle. You just need to balance the whole thing for you to survive. You can choose where you are heading; you can stop if you want to or continue. It was all your choice. Because the bicycle is representing our life wherein we rode on it, enjoy or simply ignore it.


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