I have no best friend

Yes it’s true, I don’t have anyone to be called best friend. It is because I don’t need to label my friends the way some people do it. Don’t get me wrong. I have lots of friends, and most of them are my real and trusted friends. I don’t want to pinpoint a specific person only to be called my best friend because it would look like unfair for the rest.

My friends have different strength, abilities, weakness, characters and personality and I love each of them. I respect each of their characteristics and I accept them for whatever they are.

I am nobody’s best friend too. What matters most is that you know who your real friends are. Someone will help you to be a better person, will not leave you, not to betray you and someone will consider you as his/her family too.

I think that is one of the most important thing is this world, to have a real friend with genuine heart and love towards you.



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