Bathroom Trauma

Honestly, I hate to clean the bathroom. For me it is so disgusting. Every time I cleaned it, I don’t like to eat; it seems what I have seen while cleaning is just so hard to forget. I feel like dirt!

When I was still living with my Parents, I always asked my mom to clean the bathrooms. I can clean the entire house and everything except that thing. She agreed with it because even though she will not, I will still never lay my hand on it.

When I am here in abroad, we do usually have a schedule of cleaning the house including the bathroom. Sometimes I can escape on it or arrange with someone to do it. But there are also times I should be cleaning it with myself. It made me tremendously hate it forever!

I don’t know exactly why I had this kind of trauma I may say, I just hate doing it. Sounds funny, huh?



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