49 days VS Pure love



Pure love is currently aired in Philippine television series loosely based on the Korean drama 49 days. Maybe some people are comparing the two, which would be the best.

I have seen already the 49 days and still currently watching also the pure love. I know the whole story, it’s all fresh in my mind, but I am just curious to know what it would be like in Filipino version.

Honestly, there are differences. A slight movement of the plot, from casting to the acting and the hearty magnet scenario. When you are fond of watching Korean drama you will know what I am talking about, even just music and an eye to eye scene will make you cry. That makes them incomparable.

But I am not telling that Filipino version is not good at all, of course it is good. They have their different style and catchy moments. To mention also, I like the main actress, Alex Gonzaga, she just simply fits to the character.
So to all Filipinos out there, let us keep supporting our very own even though is it just an adaptation or whatever. For me, I will always be a fan of Korean drama but will never forget where I came from.

Rate 8/10

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