Mommy Can I help?

Yesterday, my friend told me this story.

Days ago,  she had a stomach upset that made her weak the whole day while at home. Before she’d like to rest, she prepared food for her two kids even though she might be sleeping the entire day.

While she was lying in bed, her five-year-old daughter approached and asked her; “mommy can I wash the dishes?” She didn’t ignore the request despite her weakness. She nods even though she wasn’t even sure of her daughter’s sincerity.

When she feels better afterward and left her bedroom, she was surprised to see that everything was in order. Her daughter already washed all the dirty dishes, wiped the dining table, swept the floor, cleaned the dust and even arranged some jumbled stuff.

It was one of the best times in her life to experience a very helpful gesture from her 5-year-old daughter. Even me, I was happy and amazed about it.

As a parent, we will always be grateful to have this kind of experience with our kids. I don’t even forget when my son asked me to give my cough to him because he doesn’t want me to be sick, and it was six years ago!

For us, the sweet gestures of this little and innocent person gave us a deep memory in our heart with true happiness and love.

Shobe T. Go.


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