My big challenge for next year.

As we all know teenagers are at a pivotal stage in their life where they are developing into young adults. There are many challenges to be presented to a teenager, which makes this stage of life quite complex and challenging. This is an important time of life where a teenager is getting ready to face the world and make critical decisions that will affect their future.

Why it is a big challenge for me? Because next year my son will be officially become a teenager. I know he will experience self decisions, peer pressures, battles with parents / grandparents, striving for independence, youth violence and so much more to mention. It is a challenge for me as a Parent because we are going to deal far from each other.

I am always praying that he will be good enough to overcome the challenges he may encounter in growing up. That he will always be kind to do what is right for him.

I pray so help me God.



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