Dear Salama bitch!



I just want to make it clear that I have no plans to be friends with you again. Let me put this in your shallow mind that I will never be a fool again to consider your friendship back because everything in you is just a big CRAP.

When I smiled and talked to you the last time we met, even if it doesn’t show, believe me, I work very hard for that to convince myself what I needed to do for the sake of our common friends. You or anyone can say that I am “rude and blasted” or things like that.

Here it goes the harder part. If you are someone who knows how to value people, to keep their trust and friendship, it is only decent to reciprocate them with nothing but your best as a person. And I don’t think you have ever done it before me. So you can only imagine how much I hated you. This job is not easy because there are people around us feeling aggravated finding themselves between us. I know they are facing difficulty too that’s why I gave up in the name of civilization, but not more than anything else.

I can tell you, it wasn’t easy at all. When you found yourself at your dummies, guiltiest and regrettable circumstances, you are expecting people you believe your friends to lift you, counsel you and understand you,  but not to put you in a very perilous situation. So please don’t ever assume that everything is back to normal, it will never happen. We can smile at each other, converse a little but for me you are just a mere stranger. Nothing less, nothing more.

So you can say I am “rude, blasted and plastic” – sure I am.  And I don’t care at all.

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