“Too much familiarity betrays trust and respect. Be friends to many but be familiar to few.”

A friend told me that, and then I realized it was true. There’s this recent incident in my life when I feel anxious towards a friend. A friend that I treated well and accepted based on my personal judges despite of her improbability character. When you consider a person to be your friend, you didn’t trouble yourself about their imperfection; you just keep on being considerate and accepting.

But that was not the scenario after all.

We had a slight argument about on something that leads this person to be insulted and hurt. No one of us claimed the fault, in my part it wasn’t intended to be an offense, it has been just a mere discussion with mature people, supposedly.

So what had happened, this offended person got nuts and posted a message in the Facebook saying mainly this word “I’m going to humiliate you “. I know the message was for me. And that I was alarmed.  We are all distressed.

I am not worried how she will go to humiliate me, as if I care. I was just bothered because this person I have treated as a friend is about, will going to betray me, and I can’t, will ever forget it. Maybe I can forgive her but never forget that once in her life she wanted to harm me.

I have never harmed anyone in my life until this moment, even in my madness I hold of myself to control with quite a distinction.  That’s why it is difficult for me to accept what this person did.  I just couldn’t simply comprehend it.  Much worse, this narrow minded creature never bothered to say sorry about it, making it fuss as if it was our own fault and nothing happened after all.

One thing I have learned in this experience; Be friends to many but be familiar to few. Don’t trust too much to anyone because people change so their loyalty too. Filter your friend zone and separate the rubbish ones. Have a deep understanding and agreement with your closest friends that no matter what will happen in the future, you will never betray each other.

I was hurt and I have no idea if I can still forget about it.


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