High School: Love On (Korean-drama)


Hi! School-Love On” is a fantasy romance drama about an angel who has no choice but to become a human after saving a male student in danger.



Shin WooHyun – (Nam WooHyun) – Transferred to CHEONGUK High School. The hottest guy.


Lee SeulBi  (Kim SaeRon) –  An angel became human. Age unknown.


Hwang SungYeol ( Lee SungYeol)   CHEONGUK High School’s perfect prince.  All straight ‘A’s, good athlete and perfect in everything.

This is an intriguing little and sweet drama for me.  Honestly, I just accidentally browse this one out of boredom and was like “OK, let me see the first episode” till I found myself continuously catching on it.  I like the casts. They are somehow new to me but their chemistry is blended well for each character.


“After meeting that human, very strange things began to happen.”


“Have I really become a human?” she asks him.


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