I have decided to make a journal from now on every time I am feeling lonesome. I don’t know what’s matter with me for this past few weeks; it’s not that I am experiencing menopausal period which I firmly believe is still far from that possibility. I just feel like this.


  1. Am lazy especially at work. I don’t feel the enthusiasm to do what I am supposed especially if there is no one around to supervise my actions.
  2. I eat a lot. I didn’t think of how to lose my weight again, back to 45 kilos. I am like 47.5 now.
  3. I want to stay at my bed all the time rather than to chit-chat.
  4. I feel like the day is just passing by and hate to realize nothing has ever changed in my life.
  5. I hate listening to someone’s trouble and woe. It makes me sick.
  6. I want to be alone.
  7. Keep on dreaming about dead people. I can’t even pray for them.
  8. I feel guilty on something. How am I supposed to figure it out?
  9. I couldn’t cry.
  10. I keep on thinking ’bout my folks & son back home.

I know I am not depress.  I am just lonely, maybe?



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