Basically, most people are in denial in this first episode. Damon and Bunny’s death or disappearance made every one lost in their way.

Elena is still holding tight as she’s been doing anything she can to still feel Damon’s presence with psychotropic herbs from Luke. She mourned Bonnie, but she refuses to mourn Damon.

Jeremy is grieving with the bottle, some video games and some chicks.

Stefan won’t even acknowledge what’s going on, trying to move on and separate from Mystic falls memories. Tyler believes his rage is under his control. Alaric is back and still adjusting to being alive as human and as a professor. Caroline is trying to hold it all together for everyone else, believing that they can do something for Damon & Bonnie’s back.

I like the new direction of season 6. I think the start is great for this season, hope the strong character work continues.

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