Nine Time Travel (2013 K-drama)

Nine Time Travel. I have learned that the remake rights of this drama were sold to a US production company. It means something, I think it just says; this drama is one of the best.

Nine-_Nine_Times_Time_Travel-0002       153lap2

Goodness, I find this guy Lee Jin-Wook so hot! I love the way he stares, the mocking and sheepish smile, his kisses and everything about him in this drama seems perfect for me. Though he was just nominated for the Grand prize and didn’t win, his overall acting abilities are just great. You can catch up with him in “The three musketeers” drama that had just ended a week ago.

Back to the show, the Nine time travel is a “fantasy/romance series about a man who finds nine magical incense sticks that allow him to travel 20 years back in time. He attempts to keep his family safe in order to change the world he lives in today. However, this is not without consequences of his actions in the past affects the lives of many in the present, including his.

I asked myself where I was for not seeing this drama last year? I couldn’t believe myself, I was about to miss it, but better late than never. Then I finished the 20 episodes for just less than 2 weeks. There was no moment where I don’t feel my heart beat race, so fast and kept on wondering what will happen next.


(The present / the 20 years past Park Sun-Woo)

The story will give you a surprised at the right moment. It is deeply fascinating. It will keep your mind ponder, your heart wonder and eventually give you an answer that we can never change the past no matter what.

The ending gives us something to think about too. Some may say it gives them a headache, probably it has an open explanation on how the way you interpreted things.  The fact is, Time travel has his own rules. The show questions karma, morals, and consequences of our decisions and how it affects our lives or even the lives of the people around us.



“I will just believe what I want to believe. And I will just the love the girl that I love.”


“You cannot have everything that you want because there is more powerful beyond human capability which is God’s will.”

Verdict: 10/10


    • Hi Adam, thank you. Your questions caught my attention and I think I need to elucidate something. Yes I am a very fan of Korean drama and I can’t even deny it till this minute. I love my Country Philippines but it doesn’t mean I need to shut myself out for the possibility of learning things from another country. This is not about Patriotism; indeed it’s all about me; what I like and what I enjoy most. Honestly, Korean drama is far better, if you are attentive enough you can see that Philippine’s Entertainment Industry are doing some remakes of their dramas too. 🙂


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