To have an ability to appear and disappear at my will is one of the superpowers I wanted to have, to be an invisible person. It sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Just think about invisibility for a second. No one can see you. You’re there but not there.

Well…when and where I will use this power?

  1. I will listen to someone’s conversation and get some significant information that I can use in the future.
  2. I am going to peek my son’s whereabouts.
  3. I will watch and verify who talks against me at my back.
  4. I will help or save someone in case of disaster.
  5. I would hold something above my head and it would look like it’s just floating there, and everyone sees it would scare the hell out of them.

Without a doubt, Invisibility would definitely blow people’s minds but it’s just a silly fantasy. In real world, you can see me.

#365 days of writing prompts#
Now you see me.
You have a secret superpower.

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