It’s been 7 years that I wasn’t able to celebrate the New Year with my family back home, precisely one thing I really wanted to happen one day. Waiting for the New Year’s Eve, I was with my second family as I describe them “My Friends” who have been also away from their homes and taking the same journey like me as an Overseas Foreign Workers. We always gathered on this occasion, and though we didn’t admit that we need each other, it is our other resort to chase the blues away.

It’s always been fun to be with them.  We always assured each other that we could surpass this loneliness with greatness and gratefulness. And no matter what we always be willing to face the new challenges along our way.

10401361_10152954567699732_4498427757225805474_n      10647115_10152954576994732_2132902833082395996_n 10891430_10152954583709732_2680029427837258499_n

10882133_10152954520359732_2539675791305875215_n 1897967_10152954521399732_9165729315707053666_n 10897930_10152954521054732_4427672831997173664_n 10427297_10152954530359732_3314662859948004697_n 10422574_10152954521164732_4476436114717420842_n

10407761_10152954543964732_1127261823483757517_n 10404513_10152954544459732_3746752518005393138_n 10885333_10152954562409732_3772389921992165636_n 10378206_10152954586699732_7250001896362664537_n 10885141_10152954551354732_6077924185369340862_n

Cheers to Year 2015! May God grant us all our wishes and hopes!


#365 days of writing prompts# 
Where were you last night when 2014
turned into 2015? Is that where 
you'd wanted to be?

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