Today is the day of gratefulness!

Today is the birth of Me. A celebration of me becoming a person I have to be. As the sun rises on this day, I feel appreciative of everything. The cloudy days when things seem troubled, the sunny days after the rain, and the calm moment of the heavens when darkness and brightness became one with the meaning of joy and continues existence.

Today is the day of celebration.

The merriment for good health, for the failure which reminded me of my own weakness, the strength that keep me stand still and the beauty of days despite of loneliness and difficulties.

Today is the day of second chances. For the hours I shattered, for the chances I failed to take and for the missed opportunities.

Today is to say Thank You for Almighty Above for bringing me into this world, for a token of love and endless support from family,Β  and the smiling faces and helping hand from friends.

Thank you to myself that I can still be able to face the world with uncertainties but loads of faith and gratefulness.

Happy 36th Birthday to Me!


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