BITTER BLOOD (J-drama 2014)


Bitter Blood, is a comedy-action-crime drama about a rookie cop named Sahara Natsuki who is partnered up with his veteran father Shimao Akimura. The two have never been together in their lives and that makes the story rolled into their work and personal relationship.  The story tells us about family values throughout the cases they have solved, the tension they have survived in all episodes and several cases that will show the characters own weaknesses and strengths.

I started watching this story because of Sato Takeru.  I like him and I never thought he had various drama portrayed. I had fun watching all the episodes from begging to end. All the father-and-son arguments even at life-threatening situations are cool and hilarious, to mention also the team’s different characters are exceptional.

If you want to chill and just be cool, watch this drama.


The Ginza Police Team Department

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