My son grew up so fast more than I expected.  Now he’s telling he couldn’t make a Valentines Card for me because he has a lot of errands to catch up this day.  He doesn’t even mind when I told him that it’s about time for me to meet someone because I am left out already.  A mother sentiment, perhaps, when you realized that you is no longer the center of his attention.

However, I don’t quit easily. So I made him this little personal message and sent it to his Facebook account. Guys are always guys, they will surely appreciate what you have done to them, but most of the time they just keep it for themselves, and we ladies are simply on the other way around.

As a mother, I will always do this no matter how annoying our children’s to be. They might not appreciate you the way we wanted them to be but there is always the right time for everything. Let’s just keep continuing to show how much we love them and surprise them whatever we could do till they realize that a parent’s love is irreplaceable.

Well, I got a reply from my son.


(Thanks mommy, love you)

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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