While I’m heading at home tonight, someone approached and asked me if I am a Roman Catholic. I don’t think I would have a problem about that because here in Dubai, we respect each other’s religion. After I told him I am a Catholic, he walked with me where I was going.  He speaks something that I don’t get close, but when he reached his bag, held something and showed it to me, I was like…oh, wonderful!  I saw the pictures he was talking about, he said he drew it by himself.

10991334_10153076104134732_8648287262814427657_n    10984069_10153076104009732_2080549199775426693_n

I wasn’t lying, I love the pictures and I was captivated the way he made it simple and plain.  I voiced him with admiration that he was doing it great.  He replied with a sheepish smile and said thank you.

Then here it comes, he spoke in a poorer tone, saying that he wanted to sell the pictures in the amount of $5.00.  He explained that he doesn’t have enough money and still on visit visa (30 days only) looking for a job.  How I can’t help the man when in front of me is the pictures of Jesus & Mama Mary? it’s only $5.00 although I have only $35.00 left in my pocket to spend till the end of this month.  I really don’t mind buying it.  Good for him he sells this stuff instead of drugs!

When I got home, I was proud telling my friend about what had happened. She informed me that she met this guy before, selling the same pictures like long month ago with same reasons! I was like, really???? That was all I had ever said to her. Was I cheated in the name of God?

I really don’t know exactly what the truth, only he knows & God knows.  I don’t care if I was cheated today as long as I do it with purpose; to help and to have the pictures. May he will find a good job if that was the truth, living here in Dubai without financial stability and residence visa is complicated more than you can imagine.

Good luck my friend.

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