“Let me love you. “ This might be the last words I may probably heard from him, unless….

“I want to you to fall in love with me Kelly.” Phil told me. I can see he’s controlling his nerves, but he’s making sure that he will not be overwhelmed by the possibility of my rejection and his regret.

“I know this is not what we agreed. I know you don’t like us to be more than what we are now, or whatever you call it, you are so comfortable of this “things” Kelly and I am not anymore.”

I just stared at him, no idea where was it going.

“I love you now, I don’t know when, why and how. It just happened like that. I just woke up one morning with you by my side and I was like hoping that it was real. I know you are real, but your intentions are not. Kelly, I want you to be my girl, a real one, someone that I could probably marry in the future, a girl whom I could bring home and meet my family, someone I can call my own, that I have the right to call you mine.”

I was out of breath. I just couldn’t say anything.

“I don’t want to play games with you anymore Kelly. I don’t want us to be in bed only for sex, pretending that this is just so fine. I don’t like it every time you call me; I am just your fucking friend as if I am proud of it. You deserve more than this Kelly, I deserve it too. if it scares you, it might be a good thing to try. I love you so please let me love you.”


“No, don’t give me shit by saying you’re afraid to love, you were hurt, not ready or whatever because I don’t give a damn of your reasons anymore. Think of this, stop this game or let me love you.”


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