What’s new?

What’s new with my son?

He is still demanding. 

 For almost one month, he’s been bugging and chasing me to buy this electric guitar. He’s very demanding to get what he wants. He will never stop until you say Yes. Well, he got it as my graduation gift to him. It cost me a lot but what can I do? 😛

He is still conservative. 

He still doesn’t want me to wear shorts or something that will expose my legs to public! When someone stares at me, he stares back at them. When I wore this jegging, he was please and told me It looks good on me. I just rolled my eyes!

Mobile addict.

I know it’s my fault that I gave him a good smartphone where he can download anything. Mind it, he has his password and never shared it to me. He’s keeping secrets I know!

Camera shy.

Oh, I hate him when he doesn’t pay any attention when I took pictures of him or us together. He complains a lot of doing selfie stuff with me, or he will do it with conditions!

He loves Basketball. 

We are YES to sports, NO to drugs.

Finally, I was able to watch their games and cheer. He is a varsity basketball player, I am proud of him.

Patatim addict.

If he sees this picture he will surely get mad. Well, he loves to eat only this food called Patatim for more than 2 years now. Myged!

He is still the same boy but a little different now. He’s taller, leaner and sometimes defiant. Actually, we had a fight a while ago, I was so annoyed of him talking back at me. He is growing up and might be rebellios to get his freedom so probably I should have prepare myself for that. I know he is a good kid because he is my son, but still I am praying for him to be a better person.

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