“The life of a Mother is the life of a Child:

You are two blossoms on a single branch.”

Finally, we celebrated the baby shower for my Unnie Maui, a baby girl is on the way! With all the wishes, hopes and love, she’ll have a safe delivery and total happiness will come in their way.  We are so excited to see this little girl!


She might kill me to see this but well, I am just so happy & proud that she will be a mom soon.

11713923_10205517493870450_5000542409346494689_o 11707881_10205517493350437_5383286632758992930_o

11741305_10205518640139106_5671495426051297387_o 11699068_10205518642179157_1723614228844112562_o

The decorations.

 11707818_10205517410388363_5532532723883505412_n           11745707_10205517410428364_8304846350263820500_n11722602_10205517409228334_6838012494958457111_o

Guess the number of candies inside the bottle, write your wishes for the mom to be & of course hopes for the baby girl.

10986428_10205517387187783_3162180869487731527_o   11312789_10205517397948052_6120626117420778805_o 11742862_10205517419828599_7713221462205657326_n

The funny games.

11710004_10205517408428314_4183572975876361571_o    11264835_10205517407708296_3914308426041085131_n

and of course, the exciting prizes.



The beautiful gifts.


Hi baby Sofia, we are all waiting for you.  We will make sure you are going to have a wonderful life ahead.  You are going to be surrounded with good & kind aunties & uncles, friends and more lots of love from your Daddy & Mommy,  so just be cool in there until the time we will welcome you. I am pretty sure I will be your favorite Ninang!

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