RIP my friend  

Dear Ailyn,

Though you have never seen the sun again, but I believed more than that, you are now with the one who created it.  I am sorry for the times we never been together but  I will always cherish the good moments we had.



May your soul rest in peace my friend. You will be missed.


Dear Ailyn,

My heart aches for you and for your family for the loss of your Mother.

Your Mom was such a good person.  I recalled the times when our group spent together at your place, and she has always been welcoming, accomodating and kind.  Not to forget the good meals she cooked and some advices she gave.

I have no idea what you have been through in losing what I believe is one of the most important compass in your life. I know you are closer to her and you adore her, and I am so sorry for your loss.

As part of the life natures’ we cannot hold, as your world will not be the same without her… May our Prayers will help you catch the loss in process.  May you will always be guided with her love and kindness to continue what she has taught you about the life she shared.

May GOD grand you comfort and serenity.


Happy meeting Nanay to our Above. May your soul rest with unending happiness.

From all of us,

your friends & 8teens


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