I have been complaining from my yesterday’s blog about my insomnia.  And since I really can’t help it, I would divulge what was going on in my mind during my ceiling-staring & tossing sleeplessly all night.

MY BORING LIFE.  This would not take long. Obviously I had one.

IF I WON THE AED 1 MILLION RAFFLE DRAW NEXT MONTH.  Immediately, I will pack my bags, go home & live my life into the fullest.

MY LOVE LIFE.  Why I can’t find the right one till now.

OLD AGE.  I am afraid. I am not ready. I don’t want to be alone with body pains and sickness.

MY WORK.  My Ideal work: stable company, very high salary, 2 days off, 10:00am-6:00pm timing, every 6 months vacation. Simple right?

MIRACLES. I always asked God to spare me this.




To avoid this uncertainties.

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