I can speak with my mind, but that leads me into trouble. Not all human races can accept shitty and straight words.  Tell them the truth and you will be beaten by their judgement, keep your thoughts to yourself and they will think you’re mysterious and distant.  So often times I would rather think and write them all, to avoid discomfort and enemies.

I’m not good in keeping memories of my own mind and heart.  I am forgetful.  I am useless sometime.  So taking photos, writing the best memories from special and random occasions became my habit.

I always have a diary when I was young. I just stopped writing on it when I learned that my Mom was also reading it frequently. I even used codes of words, but amazingly she still recognized it. So I was mad and disheartened and swore never ever again to write in a diary which is noticeable in her eyes. Online is much better!

So this made me into blogs.  I don’t expect a million of followers or whatever.  I just share and keep the memories in words.  Honestly, when I have nothing to do and write, I just go back from the oldest date and read it, reminiscing it.  It made me realize and remember who I am, who I was and what I have been through.

So again, let’s take every chance to live, to love and to laugh and write them all.


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